Penalty fares & travel rules

Have you met a ticket inspector who determined that you did not have a valid ticket? Then below you can find information on how to pay your penalty fare, lodge a complaint and more. If you have questions or complaints regarding your penalty fare, please write to us by clicking '+ Control fee' below.

Penalty fare

FynBus performs ticket checks in accordance with Section 29 of the Transport Companies Act and the common nationwide travel rules on behalf of Odense Letbane.

The penalty fare amounts to DKK 1000,- for young people and adults and DKK 500,- for children and dogs as of 1 September 2022.

If you refuse to show ypur ID in connection with the issuance of the penalty fare, the police may be called. You receive the penalty fare in your e-Boks.

We send the penalty fare to your e-Boks or by post shortly after it has been issued.

Payment deadline

You must pay the penalty fare no later than 10 days after the penalty fare has been issued. You must use the FI code on the penalty fare or on the invoice in your e-boks.

If you do not pay the penalty fare before the mentioned deadline, you will be charged DKK 100,- per payment reminder. The amount owed can thereafter be recovered without further notice from the Debt Agency under SKAT. You will be charged the costs in connection with this.

How do I pay my penalty fare?

You must use the FI code on the penalty fare when you pay penalty fare to Odense Tramway. If you need help paying your penalty fare, you must contact your bank. If you are unable to pay your penalty fare via online banking, you can also pay for it in FynBus' customer centre.

Can I get a discount?

FynBus does not offer a discount on penalty fare - not even for students. On the other hand, you have the option of getting an installment plan if you cannot pay the full amount at once. Contact FynBus if you want an installment plan.

Please note that FynBus does not make installment plans for more than three months.

I do not agree with the penalty fare

If you do not agree with the penalty fare, you can object by filling in the form below. Remember to write the penalty fare number, which is at the top of the penalty fare. Objections must be made in writing no later than 10 days after the penalty fare is issued. Please note that you cannot complain about your penalty fare by telephone. Complaints must always be made in writing.


Use of camera in the ticket control

Click here if you want to read more about FynBus' use of cameras in the ticket control.

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