Customer service

Find contact information and info on traffic guarantee, lost and found i.e.

Questions regarding the journey with the tram

The regional buscompany FynBus handles all inquiries regarding travelling with the tram, ticketing, travel information and so forth.

E-mail us at
Or call (+0045) 6311 2200

Information / ticket center:

Odense Trainstation
Dannebrogsgade 10
5000 Odense C

Open from:
Monday 10-17
Tuesday and wednesday 10-16
Thursday 10-17
Friday 10-15

Other questions

If you have other questions or inquiries about the tram, that is noise or vibrations, traffic incidents or you would like to get in touch with the tramway company for other reasons, please write us at:

Søndre Hospitalsvej 6, 5260 Odense S

CVR 36478497

EAN 5798006615070