Travel guarantee

With Odense Letbane's Travel Guarantee you can take a taxi and have the bill covered by Odense Letbane if you experience one of these situations:

If the tram is more than 20 minutes late

If the tram has run more than one minute before the time shown on the departure board

If the tram passes you and there are more than 20 minutes until the next departure

When changing: If your first tram is delayed so that you cannot reach the next tram or bus. However, the tram or buses must stop at the same stop/terminal and there must be at least 5 minutes between the arrival and departure of the bus or tram according to the timetable.

If the tram or bus is delayed so much that you cannot change to another FynBus bus or tram, and if as a result you are delayed by more than 20 minutes to your destination (the travel guarantee applies to changes that appear on the timetable. In the case of other changes the travel guarantee will cover if you have at least five minutes to change bus or tram + possible walking time to another stop - if there is, for example, a 3-minute walking time, you must have a total of at least eight minutes to change).


When does the travel guarantee not apply?

The following situations mean that you cannot make use of the Travel Guarantee:

When Odense Letbane has no real chance of complying with the timetable, e.g. in extreme weather conditions (snow, ice, strong wind etc.).

If there is a layoff

When Odense Letbane has announced on the website and possibly via local media at least 24 hours before that there will be delays on one or more routes.

Or when Odense Letbane has changed the timetable and announced it. If you are late to or from other modes of transport The travel guarantee only applies to journeys you make with Odense Letbane or FynBus, and not the part of the journey you would have make with other transport companies, planes or ferries. That is, if your bus or tram is more than 20 minutes late and you therefore cannot catch your train, then Odense Letbane only pays for the taxi to the train station, not the onward journey to, for example, Copenhagen.

If you as a group of at least 15 passengers, have not registered your trip in accordance with the travel rules for group travel. Read the rules for group travel.


How do I use the travel guarantee?

Check whether the conditions for the Travel Guarantee are met.

Remember the time, place and route number. If necessary, write it down.

Call for a taxi.

Pay for your taxi - and remember to get a receipt.

Complete the reimbursement form and send it to FynBus no later than 2 weeks after your journey.

Remember to send the receipt from the taxi as documentation that you have taken a taxi.

Once we have received your request for reimbursement of the trip by taxi, we will check whether the conditions are met. If they are, we will deposit the money into your NEM-account within a week.

I am applying for a refund on behalf of someone else

If you are writing on behalf of someone else, it is important that you complete this power of attorney and attach it.

If you are delayed by more than one hour

If you are delayed by more than one hour when travelling with Odense Letbane as a result of tram delays/disruptions, you can apply for a ticket refund. You can not combine a ticket refund with the refusion for a taxi.

Tickets are only refunded if you have completed the journey which was subject to delays/disruptions.  This refund policy applies to the following ticket types: single trip ticket from vending machine, tickets or trips purchased via the FynBus app, transit ticket/travel cards or rejsekort.

We use the following rates to calculate the refund:

If there are delays of 60 minutes or more during your tram journey, you are welcome to cancel the journey and return to your departure station on the same ticket. In addition, you can get your ticket refunded free of charge.

Furthermore, if you are delayed by more than 60 minutes when travelling by tram, you are entitled to a compensation for a light meal and beverage against a receipt. FynBus offers a refund of up to DKK 50 when you buy a light meal and beverage in a nearby shop. This could for instance be a bread roll and a soft drink.

We do not offer any refunds for purchased alcoholic beverages, tobacco, magazines, newspapers etc.

There is a minimum refund amount of DKK 25 per person, which means that refunds of less than DKK 25 per person are not paid. 

This refund option only applies to trips made with Odense Letbane.

If you want to apply for a refund due to a delayed journey, it is necessary to write in the comments field when completing the form.

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