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There are currently no operational disturbances

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In case of operational disturbances

If there are disruptions to tramway operations, you can stay up-to-date via the info screens at the tram stations, via loudspeaker announcements at stations and possibly in the trams and on and

In the event of operational disruptions, the most important thing for the tramway operator is to find out what has happened: is it a vehicle reporting a fault or has there been a traffic incident. The operator must then decide how operations can be restored as soon as possible. And then the passengers in the trams and those waiting at the stations must be informed. It may take some time before an overview of the situation is created, and it is possible to find out what you as a passenger can expect.


Use the travel guarantee if the tramway is more than 20 minutes late

If the tram is more than 20 minutes late, you can make use of the travel guarantee and take a taxi on to the station where you should have gone with the tramway. Read more about travel guarantee.


Replacement buses

The operator will try to resume operations as soon as possible. If this is not possible, replacement buses will often be deployed on the affected route. This typically occurs in the event of operational disruptions lasting more than a period of one hour.

At each station under the shelter there is an information poster showing where the nearest replacement bus stop is. At the stations in the center, i.e. at ODEON and Albani Torv the bus cannot get to the station. Therefore, you will have to walk a short distance to the nearest stop.

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