Parkering Odense Syd med park & ride

Park & ride

Park your car near the highway and take the tram to the city centre.

Parkering Odense Syd / Park & Ride

There is a free park & ride facility just off the motorway E20 - at exit 50. Just follow the signs.

There are 800 free parking lots and the tram station Parkering Odense Syd is right next to the parking area.

The tram ride to the city centre takes app. 20 minutes.

At the Park & Ride area there are toilets and nearby gas station and food stores.

There are also five charging stands with outlets for 10 cars in total. The service provider is Clever.


Read more about how to get tickets for the tram!


Feel free to park your car overnight at the park & ride facility, but you are not allowed to sleep here in your camper or truck.


Intercity buses

The bus companies FlixBus and Kombardo-ekspressen have their Odense stop at Parkering Odense Syd / Park & Ride. So if you arrive at Odense by bus, you can easily access Odense city centre by tram.


Private buses

If you are a larger group arriving by bus, you can park the bus in the area marked in the map here. Before you can drop off passengers close to the station - also marked in the map. Thus it is easy to access the city center by tram without having to deal with bus parking in the city center.


Højstrup Station Park & Ride

At the other end of the line - in the northwestern part of Odense - there is a smaller park & ride facility for around 66 cars. This is also free of charge.

The tram station Højstrup is just next to the parking lot.


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